Officer Specialist School provides educational programs for students with mild, moderate and profound intellectual disabilities.
Parent and carers consult with the enrolment team to complete relevant Departmental forms to confirm enrolment eligibility.

Because of the rapid population growth in our area, the school does not have the capacity to meet the enrolment needs in our local area. As a result, priority for enrolment is given to students within our designated transport zone.   Please consult the enrolment officer regarding transport zones at time of enrolment enquiry.

Children who reach the age of five years on or before April 30th may commence school in the January/February of that year. When enrolling your child you must produce evidence of date of birth and an immunisation Certificate available through MyGov.

If there is an outbreak of Measles, Diphtheria or Polio, parents of children who are not immunised will be notified. This will reduce the risk of these diseases spreading throughout the community.

For enrolment enquiries please contact:

Officer Specialist School: 5943 2800


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