Secondary Department and Pathways Program

Students in the secondary department are provided with a number of learning opportunities that take place outside of the classroom environment. These opportunities promote learning outside of the traditional classroom setting, increase students social and personal development and most important assist students in staying engaged and motivated at school.

The programs align to the Victorian Curriculum and student voice and agency drives the various programs offered. In 2020 the programs we have been able to provide include:

-          Coding and Technology

-          Art and Design

-          Music and Drama

-          Casey Basketball Program (students aged 13 – 16 years of age)

-          Bike Education

-          Specific Skill Development Sports (Recreational) – Tennis, Golf and Gymnastics

-          Interschool Sports Program (16 years and above) – Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Australian Rules Football and Netball

The majority of the programs mentioned above run on a Friday and students are grouped in accordance to their age and interests. Please note, some extra-curricular activities do have a set number of participants and age requirements and are only available in particular terms. 


Secondary Camps Program

Over the past few years the Secondary Department has offered camp opportunities to our students. Camps students have experienced over the last few years include:

-          Licola Wilderness Camp

-          Rubicon (Nayook) Outdoor Adventure Camp

-          Rubicon (Thornton) Outdoor Adventure Camp

-          Forest Edge Outdoor Camp

-          Urban Camp (City Adventures)

Our camps program provides students with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, encourages students to form friendships and positive relationships with other and to have new and fun learning experiences.