Personalised Learning Plans

Each student will have a Personalised Learning Plan with goals in:
  • English
    • Speaking and Listening
    • Reading and Viewing
    • Writing
  • Maths
    • Number and Algebra
    • Measurement and Geometry
    • Statistics and Probability
  • Personal and Social Capability
    • Self-Awareness and Management
    • Social Awareness and Management
  • Health
Each student will also engage in programs covering Learning Focus Topics in:
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Sustainability
  • Digital Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Art
  • Music
  • PE
Learning Focus Topics provide students with educational enrichment experiences at their developmental level as each student works towards their specific personalised goals.

Programs in Learning Focus Areas will also give students the opportunity to develop skills towards their priority goals such as communication, social interactions.

Reports will reflect student progress towards their priority goals and programs in the learning areas.  Reports are provided at midyear and end of year.